Nate Glenney
Cab Driver and Fleet Manager

As a cab driver I do a lot of driving at night. Most days I start or end my driving shifts in the early morning hours. On week days, I head into the garage at 3 a.m. and on weekends I find myself driving home after a busy night around the same time. As you can imagine, I deal with some pretty colorful people. It’s important that I get them to their destinations safely.

I have the additional responsibility of managing the fleet of cabs. It’s up to me to make sure all of our vehicles are in quality shape in order to provide quality service. Good headlights are a part of that. If a car has dim or burnt out lights, it isn’t leaving the garage. To me, working headlights are as important as having a working vehicle.

I have experienced the importance of good headlights in my personal vehicle. I drive an older pickup truck and upgraded the headlights to SYLVANIA SilverStar® ULTRA bulbs after changing out the lenses. I couldn’t believe the difference; I never thought I could see that well in an older vehicle.

Now, I am working toward upgrading all of the cars in our fleet’s headlight bulbs. We are located in a rural, mountainous area and our drivers, me included, need to have the best visibility we can for safety and accuracy. After all, it’s hard to drop someone off at their home when you can’t see the address numbers!

Working The Light Shift - a nontraditional job with unique hours - is perfect for me. I am a night owl and enjoy meeting interesting people, whether it’s a senior citizen in the morning that needs to make it to an appointment, or a group of friends that had a fun night on the town.